We provide commercial-grade vacuum cleaners that work to completely suck up all fine particles and deep clean.
Duplex Speedy 
Our Duplex Speedy protects your family from allergy causing particles and dust, and features the hygienic filtration system  – the HEPA grade multi-step filtration system. This system results in 99.9% effectiveness in removing even the tiniest of particles.
For customers that clean hotels, nursing homes or residential properties with visitor or residents with allergies or asthma, this is an ideal vacuum .
Fast Vac
The Fast Vac is a commercial upright vacuum cleaner available in two sizes (350mm & 460mm). if you’re looking for a vacuum that reduces cleaning time and improves OH&S, then this is the vacuum for you.
It takes just 4 minutes to complete 20 metres across a hallway.
Some of its unique features include large 6lt Bag, super stretch hose to reach high up to ceilings or down below under beds, a quick release cord holder for fast set- up and pack-up and HEPA grade filter system, preventing even the smallest dust particles from escaping.
Vac 14 Generator
The VAC 14 is a compact, yet versatile, wet/dry vacuum cleaner. It features a 14 LT vacuum recovery drum, which is large for its compact size.  Unlike traditional vacuum units that use bags, it uses a separator system that consists of an impala and snorkel to achieve high levels of filtration.
Its unique technology traps fine dust particles allowing for dust free air quality and safeguards against dust causing allergies that can be trapped in the pile fibres of your carpet. It also comes with an extra long stretch hose so more complex carpet cleaning applications can be achieved.
The VAC 14 is ideal for a range of carpet cleaning applications, but it’s most popular use is its ability to clean extremely dusty floor areas such as in workshops, factories, bakeries and more.
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