Steam & Vacuum Cleaners
The steam and vacuum carpet cleaning equipment range is ideal for getting deep within carpets to not only vacuum but deodorise.
A key point of difference is that our steam and vacuum carpet cleaners are not just for carpets, but can also be used for other applications besides cleaning carpets, including bathroom, kitchen, upholstery walls and hard floor cleaning.
The powerful of high-temperature steam vapour that is emitted by our steam and vacuum carpet cleaners can get rid of stains, spills, bodily fluids, dirt, grime and can even kill bacteria due to the high-temperature steam.
What makes our steam and vacuum equipment range unique?
  • Emits bacteria killing steam at +160 degrees Celsius
  • The brush upholstery head attachment vacuums and steams carpets in one easy pass.
  • Comes with a range of robust tools and accessories for a range of streaming applications (besides carpet cleaning)
  • No chemicals required – only minimal amount of cold tap water.
  • Ideal for all types of carpet surfaces.
Carpet surface cleaning with steam cleaners

Steam Vacuum Cleaners

Jetvac Eco Steam Vaccum

Jetvac Eco

Jetvac compact

Jetvac Compact

jetvac junior machine

Jetvac Junior  

Jetvac Professional

Jetvac Professional  

Jetvac Inox Machine

Jetvac Inox

 jetvac major cleaning machineJetvac Major

Jetvac Maxi Machine

Jetvac Maxi  

chewy gum remover

Chewy gum Remover