Duplex Floor Cleaners

Our Duplex Floorscrubbers are uniquely designed to wash, scrub and dry all floors in a single pass. They can be used on all types of floors to provide a deep clean and get  within the pores or grooves of a carpet or hard floor.
What makes our Duplex Floorscrubbers unique?
The Duplex Floorscrubber features15 patented designs that allow it to be one of the most versatile and sophisticated floor cleaning machines on the market, no matter what your industry.
Unique features include:
  • 2 way, 360 degree handle – allowing you to clean under the hardest to reach areas
  • Contra-rotating brushes that mechanically agitate the floor – provides a deep clean
  • Dirty water is lifted into the central recovery tank and lifts out for easy emptying
  • Clean right to the edge, where the floor meets the wall
  • Highly versatile  – cleans ALL types of floors – from carpets, to hard floors to safety floors.
  • No chemicals required – only minimal amount of cold tap water.
See for yourself how the Duplex Floorscrubber is taking floor cleaning to the next level.
NO chemicals, NO wet carpet washing and NO manual scrubbing.
floor scrubber
What models of floorscrubber do you have?  
The Duplex Floorscrubber comes in 5 different models.
The key difference is the width size of the machines.
The Duplex Lithium is the only ion battery operated machine of the range.

 Carpet Floor Cleaner

Duplex 280

Duplex 340

Duplex 340

duplex 420 floor scrubber

Duplex 420

Duplex 620

Duplex Steam

Duplex steam

escalator cleaning machine

Duplex Escalator

Suction polisher

Duplex 280 Battery

Duplex Lithium