Wash, Scrub and Steam All Carpets in a Single Pass


Carpet cleaning machines for all commercial needs

Duplex Floor Cleaners

Meet the versatile range of Duplex floor Cleaners. Uniquely designed to wash, scrub and dry all floors in a single pass.

Steam & Vacuum Cleaners

Meet our powerful range of steam and vacuum carpet cleaners. Perfect for simultaneously steaming and vacuuming carpets to achieve a deep clean.

Vacuums Cleaning

Our high-end vacuum systems use state-of-the-art technology to get deep within carpet fibres.


Hear what our loyal customers have to say about our carpet cleaning equipment.

“I can clean ANY floor with my Duplex Floorscrubber, and it’s the easiest and most efficient floor cleaner I’ve ever used””

Ken Douglas1st Impressions Cleaning

“Duplex machinery has been so impressive. It has saved us money and time as it is a multifaceted, green cleaning system”

VinceNature’s Angels


Our carpet cleaning equipment goes into a variety of different commercial industries. Our professional carpet cleaning machines meet commercial floor cleaning requirements, such as for hospitals, accommodation, education, public venues and more.


Spot carpet cleaning machines and spills management systems for aged care facilities and hospitals.


Go across carpets in hotels, motels and hostels using some of the best cleaning machines on the market for stubborn stains and odour removal.


Deep clean carpets in schools, universities and child care centres to ensure hygiene, without the use of allergy causing chemicals and lots of water.

Public Venues

Take a look at our professional carpet cleaning machines for use in public venues to ensure floor presentation and cleanliness. Ideal for cleaning cinema, pubs and function centre carpets.

Contract Cleaners

Commercial carpet cleaning machines for sale that are versatile, easy to use, transportable and ergonomic for commercial contract cleaners.

Want to see an on-site or online carpet cleaning demonstration?


Meet our versatile range of carpet cleaning machines for both commercial and residential needs.

We specialize in floorscrubbers and vacuums that feature patented technology that allow you to clean carpets easier than ever before.

In today’s market place, there are a variety of cheap carpet cleaning machines that are not always the best option. Cheap carpet cleaning equipment are known to fall apart after minimal use and lose their cleaning efficenicy shortly after purchase.

Rather than replacing your carpet cleaning equipment every 6 – 12 months, we recommend our customers look for quality and efficiency over price. With one of our carpet cleaning machines, you will have a carpet cleaner that will last you decades to come.

In the long run, you will save thousands of dollars with one of our floor cleaning machines. Due to their versatility, some of our carpet cleaning machines can also do multiple floor cleaning jobs. For example, our Duplex Floorscubbers can also go from carpets to hard floors to tiles with a flick of a switch.

Meet some of our floorscrubbers and vacuum machines below.

Duplex Steam Machine
floor scrubber

Versatile floor cleaning equipment for all types of floor surfaces.

We specialise in the supply of commercial and domestic carpet cleaning equipment.

Our carpet cleaning machines are known for being some of the best carpet cleaning machines on the market due to their versatility and performance.

We provide on-site demonstrations of our carpet cleaning equipment so you can see for yourself how our cleaning machines operate on your floors.